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Gables at Brighton
Rochester Chess Center
Rochesster Chess Center

CCSR Visit at the Gables at Brighton
CCSR at Gables at Brighton
CCSR Smal Group Singing

Reported by Rigeto, photograph by Peter Keng
1/15/2007 As part of the community involvement,, CCSR visited the Gables at Brighton on Jan. 15th, 2007. The hour long performance included a variety of programs like singing, dancing, instrument playinjg etc. under the direction of conductor and pianist Pi-Lin Ni. The program was well received by the senior audience there. We would like to thank Jean Sill, director at the Gables at Brighton for inviting us to celebrate Chinese New Year together with the residents there.

"That was the best performance we have had for a long time, and we loved it." These are the words from Jean Sill, director of life style programs at the Gables at Brighton. "Your program could be longer, another half hour or so would be great." One of the ladies shaking my hand after the program. Those are just a few of many comments from the residents at the Gables at Brighton.

When we were first contacted by Jean, back in mid December, we were invited to have an hour program. When we showed up last night, they had a blast. It was amazing to see what we did there. That might be the best thing in their life right now, to be able to have a laugh and enjoy the music. It is priceless to see the genuine smiles on their faces.

I was very touched by the involvement from all our members, their families and friends. Thanks to Lihong Li and Pi-Lin for orgnizing the young violin ensemble program. I'd like to thank Youti for setting up the communication with the Gables at Brighton back in December and working with our board to prepare for the performance.
He spent a lot of hours on this program along the way and at the same time working with the Arts Council of Rochester on our grant proposal.

Big kudos to Pi-Lin, our conductor, who spent extra hours helping me to prepare for the performance. Especially working with the young violinists late into the night on their pieces the day before the show. Also taking care of our CCSR members on our program.

The performance would not be the same without our former president Paul, whose down to earth, friendly manner and somewhat comedian like charm kept the audience captivated all way through the program.

And of course, the biggest compliment goes to all the performers, and those who helped make the show a huge success. It was an evening filled with beautiful music and fun thanks to all our CCSR members, friends and families. A wonderful start for a Happy and Productive New Year for us all.

Violin Ensemble
Violin Ensemble
Yue Opera
Yue Opera (Yue Ju) by Hong
Gu Zheng
Chinese Zither (Gu Zheng) by KaiHong
Chinese Fan Dance
Ribbon Dance by Kelly and Chingfen
Zou Xi Kou
Folk song Walking the West Fortress ( Zou Xi Kou) by Qiang and Shan
Tai Chi Fan Dance
Taichi Kongfu Fan Dance by Emily, Jane etc.
Ao Bao Xiang Hui
Mongolian folk song Aobao Meeting by Xi and Rigeto

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